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released: November, 2018

Dust Into Gold

DUST INTO GOLD is the collaboration of the electro-accoustic producer/trumpet player saQi and the Montreal-born multi-instrumentalist/vocalist suRaj. With the record the duo explores a deep fusion of progressive electronic downtempo and dance music with a variety of Middle-Eastern inspired realms of sound. Having performed for many years all over the globe with the Qawwali ensemble Fanna-Fi-Allah, suRaj brings some very unique flavors to the table via the oud, bazouki and vocals.

released: December, 2017

Temples in the Sky

released: February, 2017

Broken Castles

album the muse

Hi friends, so I just released a new 4-track EP titled “Broken Castles” on The Polish Ambassador’s label Jumpsuit Records. The EP features collaborations with Pharroh, Rorschack, Rigzin and Kat Factor. Think you’ll dig the new sounds…:)

released: November, 2016

The Muse

album the muse

New full-length Album. 11 tracks, tons of special guests…..Within each of us exists the power to harness a creative spirit. This divine entity has come to be known as The Muse. In ancient cultures credit for creative endeavors was given to one’s Muse and not the individual. During the course of making this record I came to understand this phenomenon and experience it firsthand. Through collaboration, songwriting, brainstorming and experimentation I discovered how making space for something bigger allowed incredible stories to be told. This record contains many such stories brought to life by myself and several dear friends and collaborators. I offer Immense thanks and gratitude to them for their work, and to their creative spirits for gifting them with song. I hope the music inspires you to find your own muse and let your story be told…<3 saQi

released: November, 2014

The Well

album the well

Really excited to bring you another full-length album. 11 new tracks featuring some of my favorite musical friends including The Polish Ambassador, The Human Experience, Marv Ellis, Aima the Dreamer and more. The record is titled “The Well” and it is inspired by the place within us from which we draw our passion, creativity, courage and love. It’s out now on Jumpsuit Records and as with all of the releases on the label it’s “name your price“. Download it, share it, donate if you like and enjoy the tunes. Also, a tour is underway to promote the new music so visit my Facebook page to see the dates and come catch it all live.

released: September, 2013

Quest’s End

A full length LP release on The Polish Ambassador’s label Jumpsuit Records.

Album includes 11 tracks and collaborations with The Polish Ambassador, Wildlight, The Human Experience, KMLN, Worth, Leah Song of Rising Appalachia, Lulacruza and more.

Name your price and download it here!

released: May, 2010

Heart’s Castle

A 6-track EP of collaborations and remixes with vocalists/singer songwriters. The album features Kyrstyn Pixton, Luzelena, Christopher Worth, Lesley Kernochan and Russ Liquid. Artwork by Dee aka “Sweet Anomaly”

Out now onĀ JumpsuitĀ Records.

released: April, 2009

Quest Signal

Eclectic and juicy mid-tempo from the Portland-based artist saQi. Mostly original material with some mash-ups thrown in the mix. Thick rhythms and crunchy beats laced with live horns and beautiful melodies. Track and horn support by Russ Liquid.

link for free download .

released: June, 2007

Kyubi “The Quest for Beauty”

Kyubi is a 4 track EP released on Native State Records. The album features saQi on trumpet, Rena Jones on Violin and cello and lyrics by Eve Lady Apples.

Purchase at BeatPort