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Date City Venue
04/10 /calendar/ saQi in Lake Tahoe Harrah’s & Harvery’s w TPA
Time: 11:00pm.
04/30 - 05/09 /calendar/ saQi in See tour flyer for details 7-show East Coast tour w TPA
Time: 11:00pm.
05/20 - 05/24 /calendar/ saQi in Los Angeles Lighting in a bottle Festival (2 sets)
Time: 11:00pm.
06/20 /calendar/ saQi in Hummingbird Ranch, CO Sonic Bloom festival
Time: 11:00pm.
06/26 /calendar/ saQi in Nelson B.C. High Frequency festival (2 sets)
Time: 11:00pm.

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Upcoming LIVE shows for music artist: saQi/Luke Solmanfull calendar »

  • 04/10 Lake Tahoe :: Harrah’s & Harvery’s w TPA
  • 04/30
    See tour flyer for details :: 7-show East Coast tour w TPA
  • 05/20
    Los Angeles :: Lighting in a bottle Festival (2 sets)
  • 06/20 Hummingbird Ranch, CO :: Sonic Bloom festival
  • 06/26 Nelson B.C. :: High Frequency festival (2 sets)

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Dust Into Gold
released: November, 2018

Temples in the Sky
released: December, 2017

album the muse

Broken Castles
released: February, 2017

album the muse

The Muse
released: November, 2016